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By Leonardo Valle

A real revolution is transforming

 our life.

The action of the Advanced Advisor is aimed at building, on the basis of very accurate business plans, a network of universities, high schools and companies that work on research and development projects with SMEs of entrepreneurs, with a view to 4.0 and continuous improvement, therefore through a planned, organized and systematic process of change, constant and improvement of existing practices.

The point of arrival must always and only be the improvement of company performance.

The Advanced Advisor must have the strength to implement the Digital Innovation Hub (Dih), making use of a network of national and European innovation actors, to offer a qualified level of services


By Leonardo Valle


The new common home 

of the economy


The ideal scenario for achieving and creating new business opportunities is the Open Innovation Center, which is based on the relationships between the company and external parties.

The transition from closed innovation to Open Innovation questions the characteristics on which traditional companies have based their hegemony for decades, with effects also on the transformation of business models.

A real opportunity to believe in and thrive in.

It is a product / program and a path designed and generated by the Management of the Cons-Itaco Consortium, in response to the needs of companies to unhinge, revolutionize and overcome this post-pandemic period and not only ………

I. I. N., incorporates and conveys in a single product, all excellences available on the market, making them available to its members.

Our expert partners, starting from a preliminary analysis of the will of the entrepreneurs, the state of the art and the health of the Companies / Companies, define and draw up a coherent strategic plan and all the actions to be taken, so that they can achieve all the planned objectives. and the final goal. The program provides all companies:

• a correct and precise definition of the state of health,

• effective planning,

• controlled and conscious growth,

• an evolution and projection into the future,

• the use of the best technologies and best techniques e

• the best performances.

It is a new tool in line with the European 4.0 industry that replaces the traditional consortium models


◦ Coordination and management of orders

◦ Feasibility studies

◦ Engineering and project drawings

◦ Research and development

◦ Communication & Marketing

◦ Financial planning

◦ Consulting and financing of the order

◦ Corporate restructuring

◦ Corporate reorganization

◦ Logistics services

◦ Data management services

◦ Web platforms

◦ Realization and management of business management software

◦ Innovative start-ups

◦ B2B

◦ Investment opportunity


is an incubator that favors the transformation from a company idea to a production reality in the

The incubation period is limited and during this period physical spaces and support services for business development are provided to companies.

  • Managerial accompaniment
  • Physical spaces
  • moments of entrepreneurial training
  • support for the development of relationships and the search for funding
  • assistance with administrative services, legal management


is a program aimed at accelerating the development of a startup.
The duration ranges from six to twelve months and provides for

  • Strategic consulting
  •  Organizational consultancy
  • Operational consultancy

by tutors and mentors

  • Networking activities
    • Physical spaces in which to work
  • Managerial accompaniment
  • Physical spaces
  • moments of entrepreneurial training
  • support for the development of relationships and the search for funding
  • assistance with administrative services, legal management


Create significant savings on purchases for the consortium members through the logic of economy of scale.
CONS-ITACO Purchasing Group collects the needs of the member companies in the form of a commercial offer, examines the needs and then treats the best economic conditions for the member.
The more companies that join this service, the greater the sales force will be to generate savings
• It is an outsourced office at no cost
• There are no fixed charges
• It has no constraints or obligations
• The consortium commission is recognized only on the membership


The aim is to create synergies between companies, through transparent and productive participation, so that all associated companies share valuable benefits.
The consortium is a meeting place between companies, where they can exchange information, where synergies are developed, where they interact and do business


• Public Works
• Commercial structures
• Social houses
• Residential buildings
• Commercial buildings
• Hotel and tourist facilities


• Road works (motorways, roads, viaducts, bridges)
• Maritime Works (canals, docks, ports)
• Airports
• Heliports
• Hospitals
• Schools
• University
• Sport centers
• Stadiums
• Military constructions
• Public Works
• Public services
• Waste disposal


◦ Agricultural food processing buildings
◦ Healthcare industries
◦ Chemical and petrochemical industries
◦ Metal carpentry
◦ Special works
◦ Industrial software development and management


▪ Construction and installation of electrical and mechanical systems
▪ Mechanical systems for building and industry
▪ Air handling unit
▪ Fire and safety systems
▪ Communications network (telephone, television, internet ect)
▪ Special systems (Audio, video, data ect)
▪ Lighting and wireless systems
▪ Security and systems management
▪ Access control
▪ Home automation systems


• Engineering and manufacturing
• Assembly
• Maintenance
• Applied engineering


◦ Cogeneration plants
◦ Solar and photovoltaic
◦ Wind power plants
◦ Hydroelectric power stations
◦ Transport and distribution networks
◦ Desalination


▪ Waste treatment
▪ Pollution remediation
▪ machinery for water treatment and recycling


• Monitoring of the building complex
• Project monitoring
• Maintenance plans
• Safety coordination plans
• administrative and building management Projects to improve technical quality
• Cleaning and transportation
• Interior cleaning
• Maintenance, landscaping, collection and disposal
• Cemetery services
• Industrial cleaning
• Laundry of textiles, workwear


Realization of “turnkey” furnishings for private and / or public buildings, commercial and residential buildings, municipalities, hotels, offices and more, internal and external.

◦ Production made to measure
◦ Standard products
◦ Supply and assembly
◦ Production on any type of finish
◦ Design services and development services
◦ Logistic planning
◦ Shipping and storage



International Contractors Service

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